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Table of Contents
Introduction 3
Chapter One: The Reasons for Betting 10
Chapter Two: Killing Reason #3 15
Chapter Three: Preflop Hand-Ranges and Postflop Equities 17
Chapter Four: Aggression and the Turn 21
Chapter Five: Bet Sizing and Thin Value 25
Chapter Six: Player Identification and Basic Hand-Reading 28
Chapter Seven: Nuts vs. Air Ratios 32
Chapter Eight: Isolation Theory 36
Chapter Nine: Table Dynamics 38
Chapter Ten: Creative Preflop Raise Sizes 41
Chapter Eleven: Value Streets and Pot Management 44
Chapter Twelve: Basic Street Projection 48
Chapter Thirteen: Showdown Theory 51
Chapter Fourteen: Monotone Boards and Equity 54
Chapter Fifteen: A Brief (Mis)Understanding of G-Bucks 56
Chapter Sixteen: Full Ring vs. Shorthanded and Positional Protection 58
Chapter Seventeen: An Introduction to 3-Bet Pots 61
Chapter Eighteen: Dead Money vs. Live Money 64
Chapter Nineteen: Equity Distributions 67
Chapter Twenty: Advanced Fold Equity Evaluation 72
Chapter Twenty-One: Advanced bet Sizing 75
Chapter Twenty-Two: Balance ant the Either/Or Philosophy 77
Chapter Twenty-Three: Advanced Street Projection and Two-Way Bets 79
Chapter Twenty-Four: Value-Betting vs. Value-Owning 84
Chapter Twenty-Five: Image, Preflop and Postflop 86
Chapter Twenty-Six: Polarization and Responses to 3-Betting 89
Chapter Twenty-Seven: Dealing with Polarized Ranges and Calling Big Bets OOP 93
Chapter Twenty-Eight: The Range Switch 99
Chapter Twenty-Nine: Hand Categorization, True Hand Values, and Playing Postflop 101
Chapter Thirty: The Great Debate…Bet or Check? 110
Chapter Thirty-One: Balancing and Equity 114
Chapter Thirty-Two: Leverage 116
Chapter Thirty-Three: Dual Mentalities 121
Chapter Thirty-Four: Dead Money 124
Chapter Thirty-Five: Deepstacked Play 126
Chapter Thirty-Six: Game Theory Optimal vs. Practically Optimal 128
Chapter Thirty-Seven: Game Dynamics 129
Chapter Thirty-Eight: Creativity, Bet Sizing, and Pseudo-Thin Value 131
Chapter Thirty-Nine: Advanced Hand-Reading 134
Chapter Forty: The Leveling Ladder 138
Chapter Forty-One: Advanced Showdown Theory 140
Chapter Forty-Two: The Squeeze 142
Chapter Forty-Three: The Squeeze Formula 145
Chapter Forty-Four: Ego and the Tilt Cycle 147
Chapter Forty-Five: The Theory of Donking 151
Chapter Forty-Six: The Diminishing Medium Value Category 160
Chapter Forty-Seven: 4-betting and Depth Out of Position 165
Chapter Forty-Eight: Adjusting 3-Bet Sizes—What Do You Want? 169
Chapter Forty-Nine: Total Game Strategy and Calling from the Blinds 172
Chapter Fifty: The Mini Stop ‘n Go 175
Chapter Fifty-One: Raising Into Equity 179
Chapter Fifty-Two: Putting it All Together 182
Conclusion 214

*Note:  All Page Numbers are for Paperbacks and not e-Books